Smith & Wesson K-22 Masterpiece, 3rd model, 22LR.
Features include; With all standard and correct roll marks and proofs with large S&W trade mark on right side plate, An appealing Original blued finish with strong and tasteful case colors, -This was the first model offered with the now infamous – “Micro-Click Adjustable” rear sight with .126 black square notch blade, front sight is accomplished with a .010-inch Partridge setting a top of the early style serrated full length narrow sight rib, A pinned six-inch barrel with bright shinny bore with strong sharp rifling, a recessed cylinder with chamfered edges, the .265 Trigger is a grooved with a .375 semi-target hammer, revolver is equipment with the optional adjustable internal trigger stop, Revolver sports beautifully grained Walnut Dimond insert checkered Magna style stocks that are numbered to gun, stocks have the old style Silver S&W medallions and show little if any handling marks or even wear. Very nice indeed! Built 1949 on the 5-screw Square butt K-frame, Serial number K73xxx. CONDITION: Mint overall. The original blued finish is 98-99% with little or no loss at sharp points or high spots, Cylinder exhibits a drag line that is all but invisible, no adverse or apparent wear on/at cylinder “Indexing Arrows”, no wear on cylinder pawl or pawl teeth, Cylinder swings out from frame smooth and easily with no adverse movement, Cylinder shows no excess lateral, axial, or rotational movement. No cylinder wobble, ejection rod is tight and operates correct and smooth though out travel, crane shows little if any loss of finish at hinge area, no lateral or end play in crane, cylinder latch is tight and operates in a positive smooth manor, Top strap has no erosion, Forcing cone not only has no adverse wear but even looks unfired (I’m not saying it is, but still has the original finish present), Splatter shield shows minimal handling drag line with no imprinted brass markings, Cylinder air gap measured a unbelievable .002 of an inch, Action tight timing right, Trigger in Single action breaks with no creep or take up at a very consistent 3.5 pounds.