Smith & Wesson 629-1, 44 magnum
Features include; Stainless steel construction in matte satin finish, 6-inch barrel, fluted cylinder, Micro-Click adjustable white outlined rear sight with Red Ramped Insert front -WORR-, Smooth .500 finger groove hard wood stocks, Smooth .400 Combat Trigger with .500 Target Hammer, Wide full length 10 groove Top Rib, 10 groove front and back straps. With all standard and correct markings and nothing more. All stampings and roll marks are deep, even, and appealing. Trigger pull is typical vintage Smith, positive, smooth, and consistent with Single Action pull breaking at a glassy 3.25 pounds. Action tight timing right. Built on the 3-screw square butt N-frame. Build date 1980 - 1983, I believe this one is of 1980 vintage, Serial Number N894XXX. CONDITION; Excellent inside and out. Appears unfired but I’m selling it as a 98% condition gun. Bore is pristine, Forcing Cone pristine, Action pristine, Minimal cylinder drag line or other handling marks, Stocks are in pristine condition and of course no erosion on top strap or forcing cone. Revolver has no brass marks or wear at hammer nose area or impact line on splatter shield. This 44 has seen very low usage. Please see photos. Comes in original one piece cardboard box with owner’s manual, warranty card, and ammo broacher.