Smith & Wesson 18 No-Dash, K-22 Combat Masterpiece,  22.
Features; Standard and correct markings and nothing more, offering the original beautiful flawless deep blue polished finish, stand out strong appealing case colors on both trigger and hammer, sought after and desirable pinned 4-inch full length grooved top ribbed barrel, fully adjustable Micro-Click rear sight with .146 black square notch and a 1/8-inch Baughman Quick draw front on plain ramp, .260 grooved trigger and checkered hammer, adjustable internal trigger stop, fluted recessed counter bored cylinder with only a slightly noticeable drag line, 10 grooved front and back frame straps, Magna style diamond insert Walnut stocks, Rare Only 2 Years Offered in 57 and 58 and very rare in this condition, Bild date 1958 on the 4-screw Square Butt K-frame serial number K333xxx. Comes in the original 2-piece blue and silver  Bangor Punta cardboard box numbered to gun. CONDITION: Excellent, 98% or better. The only reason  I didn’t give this a mint rating is because of light handling marks on stocks and some loss of finish on sharp points  or high areas all which are shown in photos, mechanically the gun is excellent, Bore is pristine with strong sharp positive rifling, No ugly Cylinder Drag to speak of with no wear at cylinder stop notches or “indexing arrows”, splatter shield looks to have no adverse drag line or or hardly a mark around firing nose area of hammer. No amount of brass imprints. No erosion on top strap or at forcing cone. No excessive end play or lateral movement on cylinder, no cylinder “wobble”. Ejection rod operates smooth straight and true. No wear on cylinder arm or “pawl” or even at pawl teeth, Cylinder latches and unlatches like a new gun. Timing appears right on as lock up is sure and positive. Action is smooth and tight. Single action trigger pull feels like a new with no creep or take up measuring in at 2lbs. 11oz. with double coming in at 7lbs. 11ozs. Typical hand fitted vintage Smith.