High Standard, 107 Military, Victor, cal. 22.
Claimed and touted by High Standard as their “Top of the Line”, and for good reason. It was the most expensive high standard ever built. Features include; a very nice solid Blued finish, a Military configuration, Bomar full length ventilated 1/4 x 5/8 sight rib, 5.5-inch barrel drill and taped for optional screw mounted weights, a true fully adjustable target trigger, excellent adjustable target sights, Sharp checkered walnut grips with thumb rest, stippled textured front and back straps, with gold accented trigger and accented case harden mag release. Includes one 10 round mag. Manufactured 1971, serial number 2272xxx. In 1971 high-standard offered their most complete and expensive target pistols made. For six years their top-of-the-line was the 106 and 107 military models. This is one of those pistols. The frame is marked model 107 military. Slide and frame are not drilled for the old-style rear sights, so this pistol is configured as it left the factory. In just a few years high-standard would move and the less desirable East Hartford CT guns would be produced, where High Standard moved to when downsizing before going broke. In my opinion, this is one of the best-balanced High Standard’s ever built. this is the pistol that went head to head against the high-priced Smith & Wesson Model 41.